Gardes Energy Services Inc
Gardes Energy Services, Inc.

The company that pioneered
multilateral drilling technology

Directional Drilling

Gardes Energy Services has earned over the last 25 years a world-wide reputation for providing the most reliable and cost effective directional drilling service. Our "Best in class equipment selection" process guarantees the operation's performance, precise wellbore placement to tackle the most demanding directional drilling projects.

The oilfield has changed dramatically over the last 25 years and experienced directional engineers and support are still key to successful results. Each well is individually researched and planned to the drilling environments and the anticipated problems that will be encountered to optimize time and reduce operating exposure. Knowledgeable people do make a difference.

Our performance is unparalleled, from Mobile Bay directional wells to 23,000' with 400 degree bottom hole temperature to East Texas Cotton Valley horizontal wells at 15,000 TVD, 15,000 PSI bottom hole pressure, and 400-degree bottom hole temperature. Extended reach wells with greater than 14,000' of displacement. We offer a variety of directional drilling solutions to overcome the most challenging projects.

Gardes Energy Services, Inc. is not limited to supplying its clients with only in-house products. Although we own our own line of mud motors, stabilizers, monel equipment, etc. Our philosophy has always been "Best in Class," and we assemble a package of tools fit for the purpose that meet the extreme requirements of individual projects. No one company has the total package of services for all projects. You can rest assured that Gardes Energy Services will spare no expense to ensure the client with the best tools and technical support for their operation.

Services include: