Gardes Energy Services Inc
Gardes Energy Services, Inc.

The company that pioneered
multilateral drilling technology

Welcome to Gardes Energy

Gardes Energy Services, Inc. is a privately owned Lafayette, Louisiana based service company providing directional drilling and project management to the energy sector worldwide. We are a leading provider of underbalanced and managed pressure drilling management services to the emerging unconventional gas business. Gardes Energy Services provides premier patented technologies integrated with a comprehensive range of equipment and engineering services. We believe that innovation and technology are the keys to the future. Our goal is to be world class in developing and delivering integrated solutions. Through our years of experience, we have pooled the knowledge of our people to create a high-caliber team of experienced professionals who are able to meet the challenges and expectations in today's demanding market.

It is clearly understood that the future in unconventional gas development will be the introduction of game-changing technology and processes. Gardes Energy Services, Inc. believes that it possesses such technologies and processes with its field-proven patented systems. The company believes that it is strategically positioned to be a leader in the development of unconventional gas both in the U.S. and internationally. The processes range from high temperature, high pressure well control to underbalanced multilateral for coalbed methane, shale gas, tight gas, and deep gas. The company possesses the only underbalanced multilateral drilling system on the market today that can operate in both cased hole and open hole environments as well as in underpressured and overpressured reservoirs. A review of subsequent sections will clearly acquaint the reader to the opportunities for production and recovery that exist today as well as the potential and superior technical advantages to which the company has positioned itself for these emerging markets.