Gardes Energy Services Inc
Gardes Energy Services, Inc.

The company that pioneered
multilateral drilling technology

Coalbed Methane Drilling

Gardes Energy Services is leading the industry in new directions with this patented underbalaced, multilateral drilling process for recovery of coalbed methane and shale gas. Coalbed methane accumulations in the United States are estimated to total more than 700 trillion cubic feet and as much as 7500 trillion cubic feet world wide.

There is now new thought on revolutionizing coalbed natural gas development. Horizontal and multi-lateral completion technology can dramatically boost recovery rates and reduce surface footprints. In all cases, this technology eliminates hundreds of thousands of vertical wells. Two primary technology needs now exist: improved under-balanced horizontal and multi-lateral drilling methods and more cost effective methods of drilling and guidance of horizontal wells. Today's horizontal and multi-lateral drilling capability can offer much for CBM development. The anisotropic cleat permeability in most coals limit production from seams with low to average permeability, even though permeability is often low in only one orientation. Efficiently under-balanced drilled multi-laterals can open the marginal permeability plays with minimal to no formation damage. As the technique gains acceptance, drilling in the next 5 years could boost ultimate recovery by 50%.

Consider the benefits listed below: